Rentokill RKLPSMR13 Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait (6 Sachets)

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6 x Sachets of Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait


Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait is a ready-to-use bait for use in a tamper resistant bait station. Kills in a single feed. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in and around buildings.

Available in packs of 2, 4 or 6, enough for most infestations.

Contains Brodifacoum.

Made in the UK.

How to Use:

Follow the full instructions before use. Simply place bait inside a lockable bait station (available from Rentokil) and position in areas where mice or rats have been seen. Exclude ALL pets and children during use and remove all baits before allowing them back into the treatment area.

Where to Use:

Anywhere that rodents have been seen, for mice commonly in cupboards, behind furniture, under floorboards and in lofts, garages and sheds. For rats, commonly in sheds, garages, under decking or near compost heaps.

6 x Sachets of Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait

Kills up to 30 mice or 12 rats.

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